Alodine Pretreatment

In order to meet the demands inherent in commercial construction today, Spectrum Metal Finishing uses some of the largest pretreatment tanks in the industry. This means we can pre-treat and coat unique and oversize components that our competitors cannot accommodate. 

Our immersion techniques ensure that every recessed area is properly cleaned, which allows the coating to permanently bond to the part. This method is superior to inline spray washing, which may miss certain recessed areas and cause poor adhesion.

Prior to the pretreatment process, the material is loaded onto specially designed buggies. Then, depending on the type of material, the components are immersed in a six-stage chrome phosphate pretreatment system to prepare them for paint application.

7-Stage Chrome Immersion Pretreatment Process
  1. Caustic Cleaner
  2. Water Rinse
  3. Acid Cleaner
  4. Water Rinse
  5. Chrome Conversion Coating
  6. Water Rinse
  7. R.O. Water Rinse
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