Powder Tour

Dip Pretreatment System

* Aluminum – Chrome Conversion
* Steel – Iron Phosphate

  1. Cleaner – Iron Phosphate – Steel or Cleaner – Acid – Aluminum
  2. Water Rinse
  3. Chrome Conversion – Aluminum
  4. Water Rinse
  5. R.O. Water Rinse


Step 1: Load Material onto Conveyor

Material enters the coating process from our 5-Stage Dip Chrome Conversion Pretreatment process. Spectrum Metal Finishing’s custom-designed racks minimize rack marks on the material’s exposed surface and allow for the greatest rack density in one pass.


Step 2: Electrostatic Powder Application

The conveyor moves material into a completely closed “clean room,” which uses a state-of-the-art Nordson cycokenetor powder booth consisting of electrostatic spray guns (five on each side) to evenly distribute the powder to its required film thickness. This environmentally friendly procedure is 98% efficient in capturing any excess powder. No solvents are ever emitted into the atmosphere.


Step 3: Manual Powder Application

After the material is coated with powder by the 10 automatic spray guns in Spectrum’s “clean room,” the components pass through a manual application station for the final finish coat. Utilizing a hand touch-up method, applicators apply extra coating to ensure that powder is evenly coated in recessed areas.

Step 4: IR Gel Oven Bake

The material enters Spectrum’s infrared gel oven. The significance of this step is that unlike a conventional oven, there is no air movement to disturb the layer of powder. Up to this point, the powder adheres to the material through a “magnet-like” process.

Step 5: Gas Convection Oven Paint Cure

Directly following the IR Oven, the part enters a gas convection oven, giving it a final thorough cure. Time and temperature in the oven may vary, based on the powder manufacturer’s recommended specifications.


Step 6: Cool, Unload and Package Material

Our system allows us to let the material continue traveling along a cooling loop, giving the material a chance to harden to perfection. Packaging happens directly at the end of the line.


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